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High Performance, low dissipation QCLs…

High Performance, low dissipation QCLs  across the mid-IR range

Alfredo Bismuto • Sté́phane Blaser • Romain Terazzi • Tobias Gresch • Antoine Muller

Optics Express
Vol. 23 no 5 p. 5477 (2014)

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Surface-emitting THz sources based on…

Surface-emitting THz sources based on difference-frequency generation in mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers
(Proceedings Paper)

M. Geiser • C. Pflügl • A. Belyanin • Q. J. Wang • N. Yu • M. A. Belkin • T. Edamura • H. Kan • M. Fischer • A. Wittmann • J. Faist • Federico Capasso

Novel In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers IX (Proceedings Volume) Proceedings of SPIE Volume: 7616. (2010)

Broadband THz lasing from a photon-phonon QC structure

Broadband THz lasing from a photon-phonon quantum cascade structure

G. Scalari • M. I. Amanti • C. Walther • R. Terazzi • M. Beck • J. Faist

Opt. Express 18, 8043-8052 (2010)

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Electrically tunable, high performance QCL

Electrically tunable, high performance quantum cascade laser

A. Bismuto • R. Terazzi • M. Beck • Jerome Faist

Applied Physics Letters, Apr 2010, Volume 96, Issue 14

The QCL: Ready for take-off

The quantum cascade laser: Ready for take-off

Antoine Müller • Jérôme Faist

Nature Photonics 4, 291 (2010)

Gas detection with QCLs

Gas detection with quantum cascade lasers: An adapted photoacoustic sensor based on Helmholtz resonance

S. Barbieri • J.-P. Pellaux • E. Studemann • D. Rosser

Review of Scientific Instruments: V73, 6, (2002)

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QCLs based on a bound-to-continuum transition

Quantum-cascade lasers based on a bound-to-continuum transition

J. Faist • M. Beck • T. Aellen • E. Gini

Applied Physics Letters: V78, 2, (2001)

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Novel QCL Based Measurements of Chemicals…

Novel Quantum Cascade Laser Based Measurements of Chemicals in Liquid and Gases with 50 Fold Improved Signal to Noise Ratio

Proceedings Sensors Expo: Antoine Müller • M. Beck • J. Faist • R. Schindler • H. Ehmoser • B. Lendl • J.-P. Pellaux

Cleveland (USA)

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Electrically tunable room-temperature QCLs

Electrically tunable room-temperature quantum-cascade lasers

A. Müller • Mattias Beck • Jérôme Faist • Ursula Oesterle • Marc Illegems

Applied Physics Letters: V75, 11, (1999)

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Demonstration of High-performance 10.16mm QC…

Demonstration of High-performance 10.16mm quantum cascade distributed feedback laser fabricated without epitaxial regrowth

D. Hofstetter • J. Faist • M. Beck • A.Müller • U. Oesterle

Applied Physics Letters: V75, 5, (1999)

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