Innovative strategies, sensing and process Chains for increased Quality, re-configurability, and recyclability of Manufacturing Optolectronics

[H2020 Call: DT-FoF-03-2018: Innovative manufacturing of
opto-electrical parts]

nullIQONIC will offer a scalable zero defect manufacturing platform covering the overall process chain of opto-electrical parts. IQONIC covers the design of new opto-electrical components and their optimised process chain, their assembly process, as well as their disassembly and reintroduction into the value chain. IQONIC will therefore comprise new hardware and software components interfaced with the current facilities through internet of things and data management platforms, while being orchestrated through eight (8) scalable strategies at component, workstation and shopfloor level. In IQONIC, ALPES will act as an end-user of the zero defect manufacturing platform, aiming at reducing their defects, and increase their yields, achieve faster and more accurate reconfiguration times, while explore the reverse supply chain process to increase their sustainability. In that view, ALPES will use IQONIC to employ the in-line sensors to perform automated testing of the laser chips on submounts, and the wire bonding quality. In addition, the smart handling tool, will be used to automate the chip assembly and testing process. The quality inspection and the derived data from the condition monitoring will be used to inspect each device/instrument, as well as derive correlations between previously unlinked parameters, such as the operating hours of various equipment with the operating parameters, predicting issues that might arise and react to reduce down-time and perform ad-hoc repairs. During the product design phase, it will be examined the achieved configurations and their optimality. The overall process chain adjustments will be tested to the highly customised products of ALPES to validate the consistency of the process. IQONIC will be tested for its sustainability by the amount of reworks, the waste reduction, and the components reintroduced to the production.