Laser-based sensing platform for drugs & explosives in wastewater 

[EUROSTARS project]

AQUASHIELD provides a fast, reliable and cost effective tool for on-line monitoring of water quality for the detection of toxic agents & dangerous substances (drugs and explosives precursors) in the wastewater network (sewage). The device will monitor wastewater operating autonomously. It will achieve this through advanced laser-based spectroscopy of water samples & machine learning chemometrics on fog computing. An optimum method for deploying and placing the sensors will also be developed. Alpes will develop an ultra-broadly tuneable system surpassing current SotA in terms of compactness and performance, by utilizing MEMS opto-mechanical components, and reducing the size of its existing EC package to only ~20 cm3, with an increase of overage power to 50 mW everywhere across the 7-12 microns region.