The MIRIFISENS (Mid InfraRed Innovative lasers For Improved SENSor of hazardous substances) project will utilize state-of-the-art micro and nano-fabrication techniques. The major technologic advancements proposed will address the issues of sensitivity & selectivity, multi-gas capabilities, compactness, efficiency and cost effectiveness as specified by a number of selected Safety & Security applications. These innovations will be tested and validated for these applications. MIRIFISENS will deliver a new class of sensors with superior tuneability, better portability and extended detection capabilities thus radically changing the current landscape of MIR chemical sensing spectroscopy.

Further technological advancements are still needed in the TDLS and QCL domains, the crucial bottlenecks being the range of tuneability, the footprint, power consumption & wallplug efficiency. Besides high cost and poor versatility, these limitations set a barrier for the realization of powerful versatile detection units. To address these issues, MIRIFISENS will bring major technological advancements in the field of miniaturization, process development, heterogeneous integration and cointegration of MOEMS abilities.

Within MIRIFISENS, Alpes Lasers has the responsibility of redesigning the structure of the Quantum Cascade in order to be able to produce the low-dissipation devices necessary in portable (often battery-powered) devices. The technological development allowed will be shared by partners and integrated within Alpes’  production.

Publications of results obtained through the MIRIFISENS project can be found here.