S-2 QCL Pulser

The S-2 QCL Pulser is designed to provide fast, high compliance and low impedance current pulses to non-linear current driven devices such as quantum cascade lasers. The generated pulses have a rise time between 5 and 15 ns. 

You can buy it now directly on the Alpes Lasers Web Storenull

The S-2 pulser is controlled directly through a computer terminal when the S-2 is connected by a serial or USB cable. You will need a GUI to operate the pulser. If you have a pulser model Rev. 5 (the revision number should be visible on the board) you can use the latest S-2 pulser GUI for Mac or for Windows.

If your computer does not recognise the USB-RS 232 converter, you can find a driver here; most computers should recognise the converter without a specific installation.

If you wish to control the driver through direct commands, you can find the API here. You can use the API with no additional fee; optional Service and Support agreements are available.

S-2 Pulser Specifications

Max. Repetition Rate
1 MHz
Pulse Width
20ns to CW in 20 ns increment
Max Output Voltage
Voltage Setting Resolution
5 mV
Current Measurement Resolution
2 mA
Max. Current Output
8 A peak, 2.5 A average
Output Voltage Modulation Bandwidth
1 kHz
Input Voltage
Power Supply (included)
External Modulation/Trigger
Overcurrent Protection