High Heat Load Housing

The HHL Housing is a sealed collimated housing for CW or pulsed lasers. It is ideal for short-run integration and use in difficult environments.

  • Size : 44.5 mm x 31.7 mm x 19 mm
  • nullSealed Package
  • Base to be attached on flat heatsink surface using M3 screws
  • Peltier cooled laser-stage inside, temperature differential up to 60°C
  • Anti-reflection coated ZnSe protective window
  • Internal lens
  • Collimated free-space beam, divergence < 6 mrad
  • Pt100 or NTC temperature measurement.
  • Needs cool backplate.
  • Support lasers with dissipation < 12 W on NS, AN or AN-NSP mounts

null The HHL housing is also offered with a pigtailed optical fiber output. Indium Fluoride optical fibers are offered for wavelengths of 5 microns or shorter; contact us to enquire about using other types of fiber. 

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There are three options for the Peltier cooler integrated inside the package, 1-stage, 2-stage and HP (high power). The 1-stage and 2-stage cooler have the same cost and the most appropriate one will be chosen depending on the expected operation conditions. The HP cooler is more appropriate for lasers with very high dissipation and is more expensive. Their respective performances are shown in the graph below, with the performances of the much larger LLH for comparison.


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