THz Lasers

Terahertz quantum cascade lasers are operating in the range from 1 to 5 THz. Coherent polarized THz radiation is generated as a result of direct stimulated optical transitions of electrons within the conduction band of a semiconductor heterostructure.

All THz lasers require cryogenic cooling. Alpes’ QCL can be shipped in one of three different options of cryogenic cooling hardware, or can be shipped as CoC if you can provide your own cooling solution.


Pulsed Multimode THz QCL are currently available at the following wavelengths:

Central FrequencyCentral FrequencyPeak Power
1.3 THz45 cm-1> 0.1 mW
1.8 THz60 cm-1> 0.1 mW
2.3 THz78 cm-1> 0.5 mW
3 THz100 cm-1> 5 mW
4 THz133 cm-1> 5 mW
4.7 THz160 cm-1> 1 mW

For these lasers peak power is measured with 200 ns pulses at 1% duty cycle and a temperature of 10K. Some lasers can also operate at 77K or higher temperatures with reduced performance. The spectral output is multimode and can vary in a range of 10% around the central frequency.