Broadgain Illuminators

Broad Gain illuminators are Fabry-Pérot lasers designed for maximum width of the gain profile. They can be used as broad spectrum illuminators for spectroscopy or imaging. Combined with an anti-reflection coating, they are suitable for use in an external cavity to obtain a tunable laser with wide tuning range. Their wide and flat gain spectrum can also be suitable to develop frequency combs.

Broadgain Lasers are available in well-defined bands defined below. Test data is shown for operation as an illuminator devices; refer to the external cavity page for EC operation test data.

TypeTyp. Spectral RangePower
BG-5.5-6.21670-1780 cm-1>50 mW
BG-6.2-7.41380-1600 cm-1>30 mW
BG-7.4-9.71090-1280 cm-1>80 mW
BG-9.7-13.1800-980 cm-1>5 mW
P-FP-6.31560-1620 cm-1>50 mW
BG-CW-5.9-6.21640-1700 cm-1>100 mW
FP-CW-6.31530-1585 cm-1>100 mW


The spectrum below is a sample spectrum from the BG-6.2-7.4 series which shows the dense coverage that can be reached with these lasers. The different colours correspond to different temperatures of operation. The laser is pulsed in this setup. The narrow dips correspond top narrow water absorption lines in the beam path.