Lasers Devices

You can find in this section a list of lasers currently available, classified in different sections.

You can browse through our list of individual single-mode laser characteristics and test sheets.  For these lasers, the lead time is 2 weeks for chips on NS carrier and 8 weeks with an hermetic package.

The typical characteristics of  the standard Fabry-Pérot, High Power multimode sources and Broad Gain lasers are found in their respective sections. Lead-times are 2 to 12 weeks depending on carrier, package and coating options chosen.

The QC-ET and QC-XT are extended tuning sources available in HHL packages allowing faster and larger tuning than the standard DFB lasers without any moving parts. For an even larger tuning range, you can have a look at the External Cavity Kit.

In the packaging section you will find the available housings. More detailed information can be found in the manual. Please note that laser/package compatibility is not universal.